Monday, 23 May 2011

Beware trees?

Now I know the world has gone truly mad. There is an article in the Environmental Transport Association's website here, reporting on the Automobile Association's accusation that trees are dangerous road hazards and should be cut down beside all roads. Apparently over recent years, smash barriers, lamp-posts and road signs have become squashable on impact, whereas trees have not shown any corresponding inclination to evolve softer trunks. To address this inconsiderate oversight on the part of the trees, researchers are developing special genetically modified roadside elm trees with squishy wood.

Goodness knows what might happen to the forests of the world if these genetic modifications spread. It could give the term 'softwood' a whole new meaning. If you're worried, support the Global Justice Ecology's Stop GE Trees campaign.

Meanwhile researchers in Canada (according to the Daily Mail, here) have found that the Bt toxins incorporated into GM corn to deter pests are showing up in blood tests of pregnant women, although the industry claimed that they would be broken down in the gut and pass harmlessly out of the body. These genetic engineers seem liable to make mistakes.

New campaign slogan free to the first taker - Cut speed, not trees...

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  1. Insane & Ignorant. These people need therapy.....tree therapy!