Saturday 22 October 2011


The polytunnel is woefully cold, and the tomato plants look dreadfully sad, with mouldering tops and green fruit hanging there, wistful. Is it time to admit that they are not going to ripen after all?

Perhaps if I were able to be more ruthless and drag plants out before they fall over, I'd suffer less fungus in the tunnel. And of course, if I got them going earlier in the year, as I do manage sometimes, I'd already have had a good crop of sweet red things and would be content to move on. But this year I have had so few salads graced by home-grown tomatoes I'm reluctant to admit the season's over.

OK, I've talked myself into it. Winter is upon us. Time to get the green tomato chutney pan bubbling...

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  1. Ha! I've been thinking just exactly the same, we're growing tomatoes on our windowsill and we started very late. We have four red tomatoes and a whole load of greens. Someone said to me though that they can ripen even in late autumn...