Monday, 30 September 2013

Rock Writing at Knockan Crag

On Saturday 5th October, as part of the Assynt Festival, and the Year of Natural Scotland 2013, I'll be doing a rock writing event. A what? An exploration of rocks and how they've shaped our landscape, from a literary point of view - part writing workshop and part performance.

The plan for the day is to start with a 'Rock Book'. This will be a collection of some of the wonderful words about our landscape that have already been laid down, for example in Norman MacCaig's poetry, by geologists, and by local writers, as the raw material to inspire new rock writing.

From 1pm, we will use the Rock Book as inspiration, to be crushed and reformed, eroded and replaced by newly sedimented words, with intrusions of other existing writing brought along by participants squeezed among the strata, exploring all the geological metaphors we can in the time!

The result will be a metamorphosed set of rock writing strata, which will be performed on Knockan Crag at 3.30pm.

In between there'll be light refreshments, and there'll be a marquee in case the weather is typical for an Assynt October day, but you'd be best bringing clothing suitable for outdoors.

Come! It's going to be a unique Geopoetic event!

Saturday 5 October, Knockan Crag

1300: Poetry & Story Writing Workshop – using words about our landscape as raw materials to inspire new rock writing.

1500: Light Refreshments

1530–1630: Reading the new rock writing and perhaps some old ones too!

Everyone welcome to come along and take part by writing, reading or just listening.

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