Tuesday, 1 April 2014


You know it's spring around here not only by the primroses, but also by the fact that on good days there is always work to be done on a boat. There's this one, called Ripples, which has new gunwhales and rowlocks this year, as you can see. She is now painted and launched and looking lovely on the running mooring in the loch.

Then there's Vigilance, Bill's old fishing boat. She's still in the harbour in Lochinver, but as the weather improves the day will no doubt come when it'll be time to bring her round to Loch Roe.
Perhaps we are crazy, but we are talking about also getting a sailing boat. Is there any other way to get beyond 'competent crew' to being actually able to sail, confidently? I doubt it. Both Ripples and Vigilance are beautiful in their own way, but oars and engines just don't do what a sail can do!

Each summer for the past few years I've spent time on other people's yachts, but there are real limits to how practical (and affordable) that is, and to how much we will ever learn if we're not making our own mistakes on our own vessel. I also have a sneaking suspicion there's a lot of sailing poetry to be written, once I can be alone on board - the lexicon of sailing is so delicious, all those sheets and stays, not to mention all the knots!

So, we're on the look-out for a cheap boat. Any offers?

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