Friday 9 December 2011

The croft - moving in...

I've been asked by a few folk to put some pictures of the croft on here. So I've had a rummage and over the next wee while I'll post up some shots of our various sheds and caravans to try to give a visual impression of life here.

This seems as good a place to begin as any - this is the arrival, in 2001, of our 12-foot caravan in which we spend spring, summer and autumn. It landed a bit to the left of this picture, on the shore of Loch Roe, and we have since painted it a sort of russety purple colour so it blends in with the birch trees a bit.

We got lucky that day. The helicopter was passing over Assynt on his way back to Inverness from Lewis, where it had been shifting electricity poles. We had the caravan stropped up ready at Achmelvich beach, and the whole operation from pick up to drop off took less than 10 minutes and cost us £75 - one of life's best ever bargains. Sadly the pilot wouldn't let me ride in it, because if it had started swinging, he'd have had to drop it. The skill of the pilot in lowering it into position was completely breathtaking.

One of the amusing things, ever since, has been watching people who come to visit scratching their heads beside the caravan, and eventually saying, 'How on earth did you get this here?'