Monday, 12 December 2011

The croft - studio

Continuing with a picture of the croft, for those of you curious about our 'exploded house' of scattered sheds. This is the industrious corner, with our studio (designed and built by Bernard Planterose of Northwoods on Loch Broom) and the shed behind it, which used to be our office until we built the studio, and which goes by the somewhat grandiose name of 'the library' (yes, it is full of books).

On the right of the picture you can see the power supply. We also have a solar panel, about which I cannot speak warmly enough. Heating is by wood, and sunshine.

There, now you know where I'm sending this stuff from.


  1. Perfect for writers' retreats? Colin

  2. Perfect for this writer, anyway!

  3. I cannot quite get past the word 'remote'.

  4. 'Remote' is a matter of perception I suppose. To me it feels more like the centre of the universe! We have broadband. We have lovely neighbours, including the doctor, the district nurse and two ambulance drivers. Lochinver is a glorious 3 mile walk, so even if the roads are blocked we're less than an hour's walk from civilisation.