Friday, 27 December 2013

Highlight of the year - books

You wait for ages and then 2 buses come along at once. Or in my case, you wait five years and two books get published at once! After gathering tree poems for years, it has been a thrill to have them so beautifully presented in the anthology Into the Forest

Just as exciting was the publication of my novel Bear Witness, in April, and the ensuing conversations and debates about rewilding. I wrote it as a thought experiment about whether it might be possible for bears to be reintroduced to Scotland. All along I was aware I was indulging my own dream, and it has been great to discover that it is a dream shared by other people. Compared with some of the wildlife introduction suggestions (elephants, for example) proposed by George Monbiot in his book, Feral, bringing back bears seems like a pretty sensible and achievable project, hopefully they'll return at some point in my lifetime. Before the winter is out, I'll plant some more fruit trees in anticipation - pears for bears!

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