Friday, 18 November 2011

Retreat! Retreat!

We all had such a magical time on Tanera Mor in September (see my previous blog post about our week in September) that I've decided to do it again in September 2012.

A writing retreat is a special time. It's a chance to really get your teeth into a new project, to get some pages of that novel under your belt, to draft some new poems, or just to sit back, relax, wander and wonder and recharge your creative batteries.

I've been running retreats since 2006 and I've come to the conclusion that what works well is a loose, mostly unstructured week. There will be a 'creative warm-up' session, writing together for an hour in the morning, a couple of walks out and the odd other mini-workshop to stir up ideas. All activities are optional and your time is your own. I'm always happy to read work in progress and give feedback in confidence, and there'll be lots of opportunities to share your writing with others, especially around the fire in the evenings.

In terms of practicalities, the retreat will be based in one (or more, depending on numbers) of the cottages on the island. The kitchen will be stocked for us to help ourselves to breakfast and lunch and we'll have dinner cooked for us. The price includes the boat trip to and from the island and a cruise around the Summer Isles. There are different prices for different sizes of rooms.

It will be the week of 1-7 September 2012. Contact Lizzie to book or for more details see the Summer Isles website.

Hope to see you in Tanera next year. I'm looking forward to it already!

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