Friday 11 November 2011

Who goes there? Mink or otter?

Great excitement this morning when we checked the footprint trap - a paw mark! Mink or otter?

This afternoon we went back with ruler, camera and mammal book. We're pretty confident it's an otter print - 7cm would be the Big Foot of the mink race. Phew!

Otters are of course very welcome and we're very grateful that one has taken an interest in what we're up to!


  1. How exciting. I hope you get a sighting. I spent days searching for otters whilst up in Unst this summer at famed otter-sighting sites- with no luck. But when I had given up hope, on my last day an enormous dog-fox emerged unexpectedly in the Harbour in Aith whilst a friend and I were chatting and not looking for otters. What a surprise! He gave us a dismissive look and resubmerged.

  2. Wonderful! It doesn't matter how often it happens, spotting an otter is always a thrill.